An Author Visits Como, Mississippi

Essays / Memoirs

  • Just thought I’d share a non-fiction narrative of my visit to Como, Mississippi, as it is published in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.  A while back, I posted a 1st person account of this trip, different than this piece here, as there are different requirements between a blog post, and a non-fiction narrative. Same story, told differently!


  • Claire Fullerton: Visiting Como, MS (essay/memoir)



5 thoughts on “An Author Visits Como, Mississippi

  1. Beautifully written, Claire. Thank you for sharing your journey to Como. I have a sense of the timeless quality of this place as well as of Sledge Taylor, your gracious host. Can’t wait to see how you weave your visit into your new book.

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    1. I always appreciate your comments, Sharon. I’m but one short scene away from finishing this 75,000 word book, which is, as yet, untitled. I will say Sledge Taylor made ALL the difference in the world. After I toured Como with him, he continued to e-mail me photographs and little snippets of information he thought might interest me. Always, he was spot on, and I worked so much atmospherically into the story because of his contributions. An invaluable gift!


  2. Intimate knowledge reveals a truthful experience more than any stream of flowery words. I feel fortunate to have had similar discussions with people whose first hand experiences I’ve been able to put into my work. Not everything shows up on the Internet.

    Though your writing is exceptional in all ways.

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    1. I agree. It’s the way people live in a region, how the area shapes their lives, as they seek to harmonize with their environment. The author, Ron Rash likes the phrase, “‘Land is destiny,” as in it dictates everything. I’ve always agreed with this. Thank you for being you, Sharon Bonin-Pratt.


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